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Laser Cutting

  • Our shop is equipped with a ERMAKSAN Fibermak 4KW Servo Motor Driven Fiber Optic Laser with a 5’ x 10’ Dynamic Shuttle Table for continuous cutting.

  • A laser provides extremely accurate and high speed cutting in a wide variety of metals and/or materials.

  • Our laser capacity ranges up to ¾” mild steel, ¼” Aluminum, to 3/8” stainless steel

  • The positioning accuracy is +/- .0004”/20”

  • The repeat ability accuracy is +/- .0002” 

  • Our fiber optic laser is the fastest process for thin sheet metal cutting.

  • Our fiber optic laser cuts reflective materials like Aluminum, Copper, and Brass with ease.

  • The quality of parts is substantially better than other methods.

  • A laser eliminates/reduces many downstream operations such as grinding and sanding.

  • A fiber optic laser is 60% to 240% faster than a CO2 laser.

"Mertek Solutions started doing business with Waters Brothers in May, 2011.  It has been a blessing to us to find such a great company to work and grow with.  Their support is unequaled.  We have become friends and the staff are a pleasure.  I highly recommend their company and the hard work they do."
Kevin Pedley
Manufacturing Manager
Mertek Solutions, Inc.
Sanford, NC

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