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Specialized Services

Accushear up to ½” X 10’ in mild steel
Pearson up to ¼” X 10’ in mild steel  
Roper Whitney PEXTO up to 14ga. X 12’

Atlantic Brake Press 240 Ton X 12’ with back gauge
Wysong Brake Press 150 Ton X 12’
Wysong Brake Press 35 Ton X 8’
 Accupress 60 Ton X 6’ with CNC control

CNC Auto Brakes Auto Brake 2000 up to 14ga. X 10’ in mild steelAuto Brake 2003 up to 16ga x 12’ in mild steel

Horizontal Saw – 13” x 18” semi-automatic band saw with PLC controls

Roller – up to 16ga X 4’ in mild steelHELLER 5ft. Plate Roller – up to 3/16” x 5’

Lockformer Pittsburgh Machine and Snaplock – up to 20ga in mild steel

Welding – mig, tig, and stick

Spot Welder – 50 KVA

Iron Worker – 60 Ton that shears up to 4 ½” X 4 ½” x 3/8” angle in mild steel, up to 12” X 5/8” bar stock in mild steel, up to 1” square and round bar in mild steel, hole punching up to 1 ½” in 3/8” plate in mild steel

Bead Blaster - for cleaning parts

Drill and Tap – up to 1” diameter in mild steel

"Waters Brothers and its staff is a valuable asset to the success of my company.  In the market today it is hard to find quality, honesty, and dependability.  I find all these when working with Waters Brothers."
Kevin Creech, Owner
A-Z Machineworks, LLC
Kenly, NC

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