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Water Jet Cutting

  • Our shop is equipped with a MACH 3 4020b Water Jet with a 94,000 PSI pump, a 6’ x 12’ Table, and a dynamic head that increases speed and eliminates taper.

  • FLOW water jets are known for their speed, precision, and power. Our water jet services allow our customer to have quality products with competitive pricing.

  • Our water jet capacity ranges from 1/16” to 4” thick in any metal and/or material.

  • A water jet cuts a clean, accurate edge allowing for tight nesting of parts so that there is less wasted materials, in turn, increasing productivity.

  • A water jet cuts without any heat, leaving a clean edge, eliminating any need for secondary finishing.

  • The positioning accuracy is +/- .0015”

  • The repeat ability accuracy is +/- .003”

  • A water jet cuts a variety of applications with ease of superior edge quality.​

"If you are looking for a source for your fabricated needs then Waters Brothers is the company you need to contact.  Their pricing is fair, deliveries are always on time, and their quality is superb.  We have partnered with them for approximately a year and you can’t find better people to work with."
Bob Pilkington, Owner
Tarheel Tooling & Precision Machining, Inc.
Smithfield, NC

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